Behold! The Ugliest & Goofiest Animal Pics EVER – Do You Feel Bad For Laughing?

Let's hope these fugly beasties have 'nice personality'... or a 'beautiful soul'. Because some of them got beaten half-to-death with the ugly stick.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 23, 2017

Let’s hope these fugly beasties have ‘nice personality’… or a ‘beautiful soul’. Because some of them got beaten half-to-death with the ugly stick.

You know how all alpacas are supposed to be cute? Well, not if they’ve been dropped on their head.

Even PETA probably wouldn’t care if you shot this grumpy deer. It failed the ‘cute’ test.

Can almost hear him saying ‘get off my lawn!’

This seal reminds me of almost every teenage wannabe Instagram ‘star’.

The tag said ‘dry clean only’, but did you listen? No, you had to learn the hard way.

Here’s Burt looking back at his high school pictures from when he played in that 80’s hair band.

Remind me again how owls got their reputation for being the ‘Yoda’ of all bird species?

You’ve got me. What is it? It looks like a preschool drawing of some generic mammal mysteriously brought to life.

Don’t let your young elephants run off and join ISIS. Look how wild=eyed they get.

Every picture tells a story.

Sometimes the story is nothing more complicated than “that is one FUGLY beastie”.

Pass it on!

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