Anti-Hunters Find FAULT With Eric Trump’s Son’s NURSERY – We, However, LOVE It!

Could someone please show these pics to Ricky Gervais... and post the video of his meltdown. It just might be his first funny clip in forever.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on October 25, 2017

Could someone please show these pics to Ricky Gervais… and post the video of his meltdown.
It just might be his first funny clip in forever.

Eric and Lara Trump took the news crew on the tour of their baby’s nursery. And it instantly prompts the question:

How could any parent…

Hold that thought.

Let’s pause there because that’s the only part that everyone could agree on. Depending on you’re outlook, the question will end one of two ways.

The ‘snowflake’ reaction will be some variation of ‘… do something so sick’ or ‘do that to a kid’ or ‘scare a baby like that’.

In other words, they would take it upon themselves to be offended on behalf of the baby. It’s not even their own baby, mind you, but that wouldn’t stop them from being offended.

(Would it help if we said ‘their baby their choice‘?)

The other reaction would be, how could any parent dream up such an awesome nursery idea!

(Or something like that.)

They gave the baby nursery a hunting lodge feel — totally baby-friendly, of course!

Notice the safari-themed bookshelf…

Zebras, giraffes… still pretty normal, right?

How about the plush mounted bunny rabbit and moose head. How do you suppose ‘animal activists’ are going to react to that one?

But it’ s normal enough to put that in baby’s room. After all, you can be pretty sure baby will see other ones in the rest of the house. After all… daddy took these pictures.

And these ones.

Cue the pearl-clutching outrage in 3…



(And when it comes… throw them a copy of this book. It will challenge them to change, or just shut them up. Really, it’s win-win either way.)

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