WTF? Bro Shoots 500S&W – He’s Lucky He’s ALIVE!

That first trip to the range almost turned into a trip to the hospital... or worse.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 21, 2017

That first trip to the range almost turned into a trip to the hospital… or worse.

Cole McCartney took his buddy Ian to the range and got his first trip on camera.

It’s a trip that he — and the internet — will not soon forget.

On his very first time shooting a handgun…

…there was a catastrophic failure.

See for yourself.

His FB page is (also) blowing up.

The comment thread discussed what could have gone wrong. The clip was studied carefully. And so were the photos.

There was plenty of chatter speculating about barrel obstructions, or timing issues.

Someone named Willie thought picked up something:

Watch him full cock the gun and fumble his left hand… I think he hit the cylinder latch just enough to unlock it.

Willie nailed it. If you watch his left thumb, he is hunting for a place to put it. That’s why the cylinder catch isn’t sheared, why the left side of the barrel “peeled” out, why the round still had a dead center impact, why there was a lack of muzzle flash etc etc. everyone complains about Colt revolvers having a pull back release and clockwise cylinder rotation. Now you can see why. Clockwise rotation would have been pushing the cylinder closed.

Case closed?

Nope. Here were the replies.

How about our readers?

Any idea what went wrong?


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