WATCH: Bro Proposes To His Lady In The Great Outdoors – That Was A BIG Frickin’ Mistake

But it seemed like a good idea at the time... So many epically awful stories feature those words.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 14, 2017

But it seemed like a good idea at the time…

So many epically awful stories feature those words.

Kudos to the guy for trying, though. He really did put in the effort for one of those storybook engagements.

Shiny new ring ($3000 later) … check.

Romantic location… check.

Someone to catch the moment on film… check.

You’d think this would be perfect, right?

Just one problem.

The guy hadn’t accounted for his nerves.

Or his jittery hands.

You can guess where this is going…

…Dixon got on one knee on the footbridge spanning a corner of the pond at Loose Park. He flipped open the box holding the $3,000 diamond engagement ring he is still making payments on.

Then, oops, the ring popped out of the box. It bounced twice, then fell through the bridge’s wooden slats. Dixon is captured on video on both knees, mouth agape, trying to grab it. —KansasCity

Suddenly, that romantic trip took a desperate tone.

Into the pond they go, frantically searching for that ring.

No dice.

Undeterred, they round up some friends from their church. Graciously, they jump into the mess right there with them.

It was an interesting bonding experience and will make for a great story (once he’s done with the payments). But in the end, it turned up empty.

Tough Luck, bro.

But at least you still have each other.


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