This Video Of ‘The Cajun Navy’ Rocking Up To Houston Is [email protected] On Steroids

There's something about the South that people from the big cities on the coasts can't quite wrap their minds around.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 4, 2017

There’s something about the South that people from the big cities on the coasts can’t quite wrap their minds around.

It’s a really different culture.

The language and the flag are the same.

But besides that, they’re miles apart.

The kinds of food that get California excited, for example? That whole ‘vegan’ experience?

Here’s how that section looked in Houston, AFTER the floods:

They’re just… different, is all.

Texans prefer their big trucks to a Prius.

Which makes sense, because they’ve often pulling a boat behind it.

Different cultures, different interests, different hobbies.

But when parts of Texas were underwater? Those men in trucks are EXACTLY where they needed to be.

There is another thing that the South doesn’t always get credit for…

…their sense of community.

But at times like these, when we see the devastation, and the ordinary blue-collar Joe stepping up to help out his neighbors — even if they’re a state or two away — bring that all back into focus.

The call for help went out. Desperate times, and all that.

And the ‘Cajun Navy’ answered it.

Because they know what it’s like to be hit with the blunt end of a hurricane’s pool cue.

And they know that the people of Texas and Louisiana were in need.

And most of all, they had to tools to help, the know-how, and a willing attitude.

And all politics aside, that, right there, is the can-do spirit that truly makes America Great.

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