TOTAL BS: All Hunting to Be BANNED On This Chunk Of Land

The anti-hunting activists are pressing their advantage wherever they can. And some prissy lawmakers are letting them.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 25, 2017

The anti-hunting activists are pressing their advantage wherever they can.

And some prissy lawmakers are letting them.

For a place with such a rich hunting history and tradition, it’s sad that it’s come to this.

There is pressure to REVOKE all hunting licences in … of all places … England.

On ‘National Trust’ land. (Basically, State land and Heritage sites.)

Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is one of 50 National Trust members backing the motion to revoke all hunting licenses.
He told The Observer: ‘These hunts are still killing foxes, hares and stags – and are being allowed to do so on National Trust land. Hunting is despicable, cruel and has no justification in modern Britain. If the National Trust wants to truly preserve and protect our environment, it needs to stop condoning hunting, in any guise, immediately.’ –DailyMail

Is the public rightly outraged?


The majority of people in Britain support the Hunting Act and the ban on fox hunting, according to a recent YouGov poll, and earlier this year, Theresa May axed plans for a vote on repealing the legislation. –DailyMail

Isn’t that so typical, now that the free citizen no longer faces charges of death of dismemberment for hunting game in ‘the king’s forest’, that the STATE is trying to strip their rights to hunt at all.

They began nibbling around the edges. Outlawing some things that were gratuitous and violent — Bull and bear baiting or cockfighting, for example.

Then they banned deer hunting with dogs in Scotland.

And otter hunting.

Since the 80’s, there has been a push to outlaw hunting with dogs completely.

Countryside Alliance’s head of Hunting told The Observer: ‘To ban legal hunting activities on the grounds of protecting flora and fauna would suggest that dog walking and exercising horses across National Trust land should also be banned.’-DailyMail

Wow, these guys are literally winding the clock back 900 years.

What’s next? Capital punishment for killing a stag in the king’s forest?

Seriously, these folks in the UK need to grow a pair.

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