PHOTOS: Here’s 9 Fishing Chicks That ISIS Won’t Like But You Will LOVE!

ISIS won't like these lovelies. They're too independent. And they're not the Burka-wearing type.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 2, 2017

ISIS won’t like these lovelies. They’re too independent.

And they’re not the Burka-wearing type.

(Which is good news for the rest of us, because they’re smokin’ hot!)

We’re talking about big smiles and bigger fish:

There’s an air of danger about them.

(And the Stars and Stripes are a nice touch!)

Not really the ‘submitting’ type, are they?

You might call them sassy, even.

Does this look like someone who would only go somewhere if permitted to, needing to be ‘escorted’ by a male relative?

Didn’t think so.

She look like more someone who wouldn’t put up with crap like that?

These babes can even look like they’ve stepped right out of legend.

Ever see a mermaid? What about this one?

These girls can land fish as big as they are.

Do they really seem the ‘step and fetch’ variety?

A girl like this would drive them crazy.

‘Immodest’ they’d call her.

We couldn’t begin to imagine what they’d say about this photo.

They might pass right out.

There’s something about those Daisy Dukes, isn’t there?

These ladies love to fish.

And they look fabulous doing it!

Can you imagine anyone stupid enough to try forcing them into a Burka?

That’s not going to happen!’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls

In ‘Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls’, Doug Giles reinforces the notion that little women don’t need to be pampered by their fathers to turn out right. And having met his beautiful daughters, I know his philosophy works. As a strong-willed woman who thinks her daddy is the greatest guy in the world, I can tell you this is a must-read for every man who hopes to earn the same title. —-S.E. Cupp Best Selling Author & Fox News Analyst


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