Look What The Dogs Caught & Killed That Were Infesting Bro’s Farm

You never send a kid to do a man's job. And you never send a cat to do a dog's job.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 5, 2017

Hey ‘cat people’. Can your precious little kitty do THIS?

These dogs are real working animals, earning their keep.

Your precious little kitties can handle some mice. We’ll grant you that. But what if you’re dealing with something… bigger?

You never send a kid to do a man’s job.

And you never send a cat to do a dog’s job.

This farmer had a rat problem.

But he’s a farmer. And if farmers are known for anything, they’re known for being very practical.

Why call some pest company to deal with it, when you already have everything you’d need to deal with it right at your fingertips?

Do you know where the rats are hiding? Check.

Do you have the tools you need to flush them out? Pitchfork. check.

Have what you need to deal with them when they try to bolt for it?

Oh HELL yes.

Those rats never stood a chance.


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