Holy Crap That’s A BIG Whitetail! The Footage Of #2 Non-Typical Buck Finally Released

The record for #2 In the world. That's pretty big, right?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 1, 2017

The record for #2 In the world.
That’s pretty big, right?

We’re talking a 300″ buck.

Dan Coffman of Ohio was patient, and he did his research.

It paid off. Big time.

He and his brother were scouting out places to hunt, when his brother came back with a weird pic.

The quality of the pic was pretty bad. Out of focus, couldn’t make much out.

But the buck himself looked promising.

They weren’t interested in blindly charging through the brush after — they’re not sure what — so they set up some cameras to see what was going on.

They got another look… this one a little better.

Enough to tell them they weren’t wasting their time.

We’re looking at something substantial…

And looking at an animal that wasn’t just a one-off, wandering through.

They’re also learning about him as they watch.

This third image, a few weeks later was a beauty.

And patterns are forming. Every time they’ve seen him, it’s dark outside.

Good to know.

He doesn’t like going around in daylight. So Dan figured that the only time to get him in the day would be in bad weather.

He started watching the forecast for harsh weather. It came, but Dan was away when it came.

Sure enough, his buck showed up, right on cue.

Now what?

Dan started scouting the area, looking for his sheds.

When he found this, the project became a passion:

So he started devouring every article, Facebook Post, TV show he could find that would give him even the smallest clue on how to find this buck.

He heard about the ‘croaker grunt’ / ‘breeder grunt’. So he started to practice it and try to get it right.

Then the trail cams over the summer give him glimpses of this:

If you want to see how it ends, watch the video further up.

(If you want to skip ahead, the story so far has taken us just a little past the three minute mark.)


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