FUNKY: Check Out These FREAKY Whitetail Antlers – Which One Do You Like Best?

FUNKY: Check Out These FREAKY Whitetail Antlers - Which One Do You Like Best?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 2, 2017

Just because your buck has antlers, doesn’t mean they’re much to look at.

Have a look at these atypical — REALLY atypical — sets.

Do you have a favorite?

Some are narrow enough that they can go through a doorway without any trouble.

And this one:

Some bucks look like they died of embarrassment.

Or this one:

This guy… does he have a unicorn somewhere in the family line?

More is not always better:

Is that some sort of a forest gang sign? “West side?”

This one died with a mouthful of shame:

What the hell is this?

Looks like he got his head stuck in a beehive.

Can you imagine if that was some poor guy’s first hunting trip, and he’s coming home with this?

His buddies would never let him hear the end of it.

Am I seeing things? Or …

Is that thing coming out where it’s EYE should be..?

These aren’t weird antlers, exactly. But he looks pretty dopey.

(Wonder if the hoop is staying on if he mounts it?)

Ah, well, at least none of them looked like this:

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