Florida Neighborhoods See BOLD Gators In Irma’s Wake – Would You Shoot ’em?

If you thought clean-up after Irma was hard enough already... wait until you see how nature upped the ante!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 13, 2017

If you thought clean-up after Irma was hard enough already… wait until you see how nature upped the ante!

All it took was one big storm, and suddenly, there goes the neighborhood.

The adult-sized animal was filmed in downtown Melbourne, Florida, climbing up a pavement and scurrying into the grass hours after the huge storm battered the US state.
The film was shot by the Melbourne Fire Department, and now the Florida Department of Health tweeting to urge residents to ‘be alert to wildlife’ because ‘snakes, alligators, etc. may have been displaced as a result of strong winds or rain’. —DM


What are the chances of something like this happening where you are?

Well, there are 1.3 MILLION gators in Florida. Does THAT change the math at all?

And with all that flooding, you never know WERE the wind and water took them. As this video reminds us, they’re not just lurking in canals and golf courses.

What would you do if you saw this toothy predator in your neighborhood? Especially now that everything is disrupted and everyone is preoccupied with dealing with storm recovery.

Would you turn the other way, and hope he steers clear of your house?

Or is someone on your Christmas list getting new boots?

Share with someone who thinks you don’t ‘really’ need a gun if you live in the city.


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