Florida Gator Park Says ‘Don’t Worry About Hurricane — Internet Savages Them

Two Thousand Gators in a hurricane. Don't worry... they'll stay put. Honest.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 18, 2017

Two Thousand Gators in a hurricane.
Don’t worry… they’ll stay put. Honest.

If there was ever a time that ‘we’ve got this bro’ was NOT going to inspire confidence… this is it.

When we think about hurricanes and the BAD THINGS that can happen, where does your mind turn?

Buildings smashed into splinters?

Boats tossed through the air like children’s toys?

Chest-deep water on city streets?

If you’re thinking bigger-picture, you might think about people stranded in shelters. Or fuel shortages. Or the power grid being down.

Really big-picture thinkers might even think about critical staffing issues creating problems in places like hospitals that weather the storm, but have nobody able to work there.

When you saw the storm warnings, did you worry about gator farms?

If you’ve got two thousand gators in one location… hit by a hurricane.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

That’s a question one reporter had the creativity to ask.

Their answer lit up the internet.

Normally, Florida Gator Park’s twitter feed has posts like these:

But someone at Huffpo asked exactly that question. From their article:

It’s not just humans bracing for Hurricane Irma.
More than 2,000 alligators are hunkering down at the Gatorland wildlife reserve in Orlando, Florida, as park officials assure tourists and locals not to worry ― these gators aren’t going anywhere.
“This isn’t our first rodeo,” park director Mike Hileman told HuffPost on Saturday as his employees prepared to close the 110-acre theme park, located roughly 13 miles outside of Walt Disney World.
“We have a detailed hurricane procedure in place,” he assured. “We have double fences, a large perimeter fence that goes around the entire property.”

The internet was skeptical, snarky, and funny.

Maybe the best of them, here:

But not everyone was hitting the panic button.

Their twitter feed hasn’t updated anything yet about whether they kept that promise.

How would YOU feel living down the street from the Gator Farm with a big storm coming.

Is it a big deal, or nah?


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