Dude Spots Bobcat Family On His Roof – Amazed When He Sees What Mom’s Feeding babies

It's a big jump for a 'little' cat. Even more so with the kill in its mouth! Too bad the kids were asleep and missed it!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 27, 2017

It’s a big jump for a ‘little’ cat. Even more so with the kill in its mouth!

Too bad the kids were asleep and missed it!

(Ok, this dad is raising his kids right… a healthy respect for the reality of what happens in nature.)

But what — exactly was it that they missed?

It happened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Calgary is different because it’s a thriving (read: rapidly-expanding) city not far from the mountains, and surrounded by wide open spaces.

Nature and people have a habit of bumping into each other.

Remember the Coyote survives a road trip trapped in the grill of a car story? That was Calgary, too.

Ok, so now that we’ve got the backdrop, what did they see the bobcat do?

It was up on a roof with its cubs, and it went hunting.

What was on the menu?

Sorry, Bugs.

Bad news… it’s wabbit rabbit.

Riley Ohler and his wife got quite the surprise Tuesday night when a family of bobcats visited them for dinner.

One mother cat and two kittens dropped in on the Ohler family at around 8:30 p.m. and were seen hunting rabbits in their Parkland community in Calgary. —Global

Rather than being squeamish and weirded out like so many urban families, they watched, fascinated.

As if to prove our point, there was a protective ‘screen’ on the next photo in the news story. It looked like this:

Here’s what they were protecting their viewers from seeing:

You know… the very thing these sensible parents were wishing their kids could have been awake to see.

If there was any doubt that we needed a book that would set our urbanized culture straight on the whole Disney-fication of our attitudes towards the wilderness… this story should put that question to rest.

Fortunately, there is just such a book.

Get Doug Giles’ book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation today!

If a person looked to Scripture and paid particular attention to the passages within the Bible that address the topic of hunting, then they’d walk away thinking not only is hunting animals tolerated but it is endorsed by God. And that’s exactly what this little book is about: proving that God, from Genesis to Revelation, is extremely cool with hunters and hunting. I’ll go out on a biblical limb and claim right off the bat that you cannot show me, through the balance of the Bible, that the God of the Scripture is against the responsible killing and the grilling of the animals He created. ~Doug Giles


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