Donald Trump Jr Goes Hunting Again – Liberal Snowflakes Immediately Triggered

It doesn't take much to make people angry these days. But put the words 'hunting' and 'Trump' together, and some critics become absolutely FERAL.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 28, 2017

It doesn’t take much to make people angry these days.
But put the words ‘hunting’ and ‘Trump’ together, and some critics become absolutely FERAL.

Is it because it’s HUNTING?

Or is it because people have decided that anyone with the Trump name is suddenly ‘the devil’.

Funny — before he became political, a lot of these same people LOVED the family.

But let’s get to the point.

Donald Trump Jr got a hunting trip in. And he managed to do it without his Secret Service detail.

Because really, what kind of a hunting trip are you going to have with a cluster of security guards shadowing your every step?

Trump skipped off to the Yukon (the part of Canada closest to Alaska) and canceled his security detail.

Word got out that he had slipped his security detail, so his critics rushed to assume he was up to something nefarious. Such people suffer a serious lack of imagination.

One GQ article, for example, said that it seemed ‘particularly suspicious’ and was ‘probably shady’.
Some speculated that he might attempt to flee the country; others that he had engineered a meeting with Russian agents.
But the truth, it seems, was much more mundane: He was hunting moose.
Trump Jr was spotted flying economy on Air Canada Jazz Flight AC 8889 from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Whitehorse in the Yukon on September 14.
One witness who spotted him wearing ‘outdoorsy gear’ – khaki clothes, boots and a baseball cap – called him in to the New York Times, which then went on a hunt of its own. —DailyMail

And the game was afoot!

Judging by the headlines, he was hunting moose. And he came back in good spirits.

When asked if he’d killed anything, Trump Jr replied: ‘I can’t really tell you that. Let’s just say it was a good hunt.’
It was indeed a good hunt, the Times said – he had bagged a ‘big one’.–DailyMail

Trump Jr had fun with the press coverage of his trip. From his Instagram account:

donaldjtrumpjrThanks, The NY Times called me handsome, polite, is surprised that I fly comercial like everyone else, and cleared up nonsense speculation as to why I was quiet for a few days… I’ll take it.???? Checking outside for flying pigs. Shockingly, I guess I’m less of an international man of mystery than others would have you believe.


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