Dear PETA: Playboy Model DUMPS Being A Vegetarian – Her Reason Is Hilarious & Smart

It's kinda quirky, and certainly not an argument you've heard in any of the official debates, but her logic is sound.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 12, 2017

It’s kinda quirky, and certainly not an argument you’ve heard in any of the official debates, but her logic is sound.

Jenni Summers USED to be a vegetarian, but something convinced her to change her mind.

She’s a Playboy bunny. So you’re not expecting it to be some academic essay on the morality of eating meat that changed her mind. (It wasn’t.)

Not. Even. Close.

She was convinced by Miss BumBum.

That’s not a typo. We really meant to type “Miss BumBum”.

Maybe, like us, you have no idea what the hell a Miss BumBum might be.

For once, we have truth in advertising.

It’s a Brazillian beauty contest where contestants get judged by how their ass looks.

Jenni is one of two foreigners who was invited to participate. And however ridiculous the name might be… she’s taking the competition seriously.

She released a preview of what she’s bringing to the competition.

And she’s training for this like it was the Olympics.

Which meant her previous Vegetarian diet was not up to the job.

Jeni Summers, 29, who lives in Mexico City, was invited to take part in the annual contest to find Brazil’s best bum along with one other contestant outside of the South American country, with the other finalists all coming from Brazil.
In preparation for the competition Jeni is eating a meat-heavy diet of steak, ham, chicken and tuna, as well as doing two hours of squats every day. —DailyMail

Two hours of squats a DAY. That’s intense!

That’s besides the weight training and boxing.

‘To make sure my body has all the protein it needs I underwent a major diet change, going from being vegetarian to eating five meals a day with tons of meat and a minimum of 200g of protein per sitting.
‘There is a cash prize and a year modelling contract that is global.’ —DailyMail

When someone is truly motivated to chase a goal… they’ll do whatever it takes.

Whether that means dumping vegetarianism…

Whether that means 2 hours of squats…

Whatever it takes.

She puts in the hard work, and we can all see the results.

Funny thing about this story…
…whenever you admire that ass, you can now remember how hard she worked to get it.

It just might be the kick YOUR ass needs to push through when the going gets tough.

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