Dear Bullfighters: Don’t Try Bullfighting With Your BARE HANDS!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 20, 2017

There are some warnings that we really shouldn’t HAVE to tell you.

Like not bullfighting barehanded. But what can you do? People are dumb.

Bullfighting is one of those hobbies that kills people.

Even if Bugs Bunny made it look easy in the cartoons…

It’s anything BUT easy.

Just ask this guy from Portugal.

Sorry. Scratch that.

But you could ask his next of kin.

Fernando Quintela, 26, suffered irreversible internal injuries in the bullring in Moita, a district of Lisbon, Portugal, and surgeons were unable to save him.
Quintela acted as a ‘forcado’, one of a group of men who perform a traditional part of bullfights in the country.

In case you were wondering… some traditions are pretty dumb.

Their job is to challenge the bull with their bare hands, by standing in front of it and egging the animal on.
The aim is to get the bull to run towards them and one of them grabs its head whilst the others jump on top of it. They all wear traditional clothing, including a long green knitted hat.
Footage of the horrific moment shows Quintela and the bull in a standoff in the Moita do Ribatejo bullring.

Dude stood in front of the bull. Then he moved closer. Then he moved closer.

The bull got tired of playing around and charged him.

Quintilla was pretty quick… but not quick enough.

The bull tossed him like a rag doll.

He died of internal hemorrhaging.

At 26 years old.

There are smarter ways to show the world how manly you are.

Ways that don’t have you killed in the process.

Dude won’t get a chance to discover them. But you can.

And a book like this can help you know the difference.

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