Cops Vs. Cartel: Wild Shootout Footage

Things got hot in this neighborhood. Really quick. And this camera filmed it all.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 6, 2017

Things got hot in this neighborhood. Really quick.

And this camera filmed it all.

When the scene begins, we’re looking through a window at a shiny truck and a dusty road.

And then you see a military vehicle with some dudes armed to the teeth in the back come screaming onto the scene.

They take their positions, and lead starts flying.

We’re looking at heavy exchanges of fire, here.

There are no tags in the video indicating the ‘when and where’ of this shootout.

But it would be consistent with some recent news stories.

Here’s what’s happening in Mexico lately:

Mexico recorded 11,155 homicides over the first five months of 2017, according to federal crime statistics. May, meanwhile, was Mexico’s most murderous month since 1997, when the country started accumulating such statistics, with 2,186 homicides committed.

Analysts attribute the rising violence to a confluence of factors, including changing dynamics in the illegal drugs business. Mexican cartels are shifting focus in their smuggling operations to the US from marijuana to heroin, unleashing a wave of violence in the opium poppy-producing state of Guerrero that has left entire villages have emptied. — Guardian

Those are some obscene numbers.

No wonder the cops rushed in on scene.


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