What This Brown Bear Did To Oil Worker Will Make Your Skin Crawl

It's never 'only' a bear.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 19, 2017

Nature, they say, is ‘red in tooth and claw’.
It is never wise for humans to get comfortable or careless – here’s why.

It’s never ‘only’ a bear.

If it takes a hardy kind of man to survive in Siberia… what do you suppose the bears are like?

Russian food shortages have the bears looking elsewhere for nourishment as winter approaches.

People are back on the menu.

Some bears have been harassing airport tarmacs, scaring passengers.

One bear was shot dead in the town where Maria Sharapova was born.

And it got really bad in oil country.

One poor bastard was gutted by a brown bear…

and the bear partially buried him with branches to continue eating later.

An oil worker was killed and disemboweled by brown bears in Yamalo-Nenets region. The eviscerated remains of the shift worker’s body was found beside a road connecting oil capital Surgut to Salekhard.

The bears have covered the body with tree branches evidently intending to return. —Siberian Times

News like that makes some of the crazy bear-attack survival stories we’ve covered that much more dramatic…

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The attack came amid warnings especially in neighboring Khanti-Mansi region that people are besieged by bears seeking to stock fat before hibernation.

Rangers receive daily calls from all over the region asking to send patrols to protect people, according to reports.

‘As of now we have 15 calls from people begging to save them from bears,’ said the wildlife and control service in Khanty-Mansi.

‘The animals are very active, they are seen right on the outskirts of settlements, scaring people and making them feel besieged. —Siberian Times

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