BRILLIANT: Chick Catches Giant Snake With This DIY Trap

You've seen the traps they catch Lobsters with? There's something like it for big snakes. And it works!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 27, 2017

You’ve seen the traps they catch Lobsters with?
There’s something like it for big snakes. And it works!

If you want to catch one of the big snakes in that part of the world that lurk in the muddy water, there are a couple of ways to do it.

If you’re like two little dudes that like to chase a snake through muddy water, splashing and laughing while you do it, that’s ONE approach.

But in that part of the world, there’s a LOT of inexpensive innovation.

Like spearfishing:
Cute Chick Goes Spearfishing With Crazy DIY Tools (Video)

And maybe you don’t WANT to chase a snake through the water.

Fortunately, there’s another way.

And it works on pretty much the same principle as the lobster trap.

All you need is the cage from an oscillating fan, an old water bottle, a shovel and a clever mind.

This girl walks us through the steps.

It isn’t really that complicated, once you know what you’re doing.

It takes putting the end of the water bottle through the center of the fan and modifying the bottle so that it helps form the mouth of the trap.

Next, you put the cage back together, and go to where the snakes are. (She went to the water’s edge.)

Next, you take out your shovel and half-bury the trap.

Make sure you bait it with whatever the snake might find tasty.

But you’re not done yet.

You have to disguise the trap. Cut some branches, put them into the ground all around it.

Cover the trap with them, and wait.

This girl came back the next day.

And she had a good-sized snake in there, already wrapped in a handy carrying basket.


What’s the best DIY hunting/trapping/fishing hack you’ve ever tried.

We’d love to hear your stories… let us know in the comments.


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