Angler Catches ‘ALIEN FISH’ – Freaks Out When They Learn What It Is

This creepy critter is one part 'shark week' and one part 'alien movie monster'. Imagine finding HIM on the end of your line!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on September 28, 2017

This creepy critter is one part ‘Shark Week’ and one part ‘alien movie monster’.

Imagine finding HIM on the end of your line!

Fishermen pull up some pretty strange creatures from the depths of the ocean, fish that have legs, creatures that glow in the dark, but this one can go to the top of the list. These seasoned fishermen had never seen anything like it in all their years at sea.

The captain of the tourist fishing boat the Dr. Pescado caught this swollen pink creature on one of their excursions near the Los Cabos coast of Mexico. Other fishermen called it an “alien fish,” but just what on earth was it really? NTD

Even the regular version of this fish is pretty creepy — but make the fish an albino one, and that ramps the creepiness factor WAY up.

WTF? There’s an awful lot going on with this fish.

Here’s another angle.

Day-um, that really puts the ‘f’ in ugly.

It reminds me of something…

What could it be…? That’s it!

Looks like ‘Fat Bastard’ from Austin Powers’.

Sorry about that. Where were we? Ah yes. They caught a really bizarre fish.

It’s a swell shark.

Think ‘blowfish’ of the shark world.

The animal was identified as an albino swellshark, Cephaloscyllium ventriosum.

Cephaloscyllium is a genus of catsharks, commonly known as swellsharks. They have an incredible defense mechanism in which they can inflate their bodies with water or air. These “bizarre-looking” catsharks have spindle-shaped bodies, flattened heads, and mouths with small teeth. —

It was released back into the ocean if you’re wondering about that.

So that’s just one more bizarre thing lurking under the water.

Which is probably why so many people would rather fish in it than swim in it.


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