Watch: Chimps Open Up A Can Of Whup @ss On Unfortunate Monkey Bro

Next time someone you hear someone call our politics a 'blood sport', show them what Nature's ballot box looks like.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 4, 2017

Next time someone you hear someone call our politics a ‘blood sport’, show them what NATURE’s ballot box looks like.

It isn’t pretty. You won’t be seeing anything like this on Disney.

The services of this alpha were no longer required.

He didn’t get a pink slip. He got a brutal beat-down.

Lose the respect of the masses in this crowd and you pay a heavy price.

And did you know a group of chimps is called a ‘congress’?

Suddenly, that name makes sense.

Can you imagine if we gave OUR leaders this treatment when they failed to live up to their promises?

You’d see a lot fewer politicians lining their own pockets… and they might even tell us the truth, instead of silver-tongued lies.

Come to think of it, this is exactly what DOES happen in unstable governments when politicians press their luck too far.

Nature isn’t gentle and kind. It’s rough and tumble. If someone is struggling with that concept, you can give them this.


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