Watch Bald Eagle Absolutely Ruin Bambi’s Swim In The Lake

Aw... a cute baby deer. And a majestic eagle, too! Oh God, no! Look away! Look away!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 22, 2017

Aw… a cute baby deer. And a majestic eagle, too!
Oh God, no! Look away! Look away!

It was a quiet early morning in her lakeside vacation home and Julie Smith happened to spot a fawn swimming in the water along the edge of her property.

“One of my favorite things to do is get up before dawn and watch the new day arrive,” Smith said. “So much interesting wildlife activity happens early in the day.”

The retired special education teacher said she began filming the moment because although deer sightings are common in the area, seeing a deer in the water is unusual.

“At first I thought it could be a Canada goose, but something was different,” Smith said. “Then I could tell. It was a fawn.” —USN

It did NOT go the way she had expected.

Before long, an eagle swooped down and started forcing the fawn’s head under the water.

Wings pumping, it drowned the little critter just a few feet from the shore.

Little Bambi didn’t stand a chance, the poor dear.

Smith left the fawn carcass untouched, and the eagle returned to it to feed for the next three days.

Predators such as eagles occasionally attempt to kill prey that might be too big for them, said Bill Volkert, a retired Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources naturalist and bird expert. —USN

At least Julie had the decency not to be angry at the bird for having been ‘mean’ for killing an ‘innocent’ deer.

Hollywood (and especially Disney) has changed the public perception of nature.

Julie had a good sense of what was going on and knew enough to let it alone.

This chick, on the other hand, tried to have a conversation (if whining at it can be called ‘conversation’) with a bear.

Yes, you read that right. See for yourself.

The MOST ANNOYING Chick Ever Pepper Sprays GRIZZLY – Grizzly Gets LAST Laugh!

There’s a lot of confusion about nature.

Nothing that couldn’t be sorted out with this, though:

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