Surprise Ending When Someone Gets Too Close To The Lions In This Zoo

And it's probably not what you're thinking, either. Do NOT try this at home.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 31, 2017

And it’s probably not what you’re thinking, either.

Do NOT try this at home.

The details about this story are a little difficult to piece together. Reports mention two different countries — Switzerland and Slovenia. It seems likely that the zoo pictured is in Slovenia, and the woman in the photo is from Switzerland.

(It’s the Internet… a lot of things out there are hard to confirm. But there IS a zoo in Slovenia. And it’s one that actually encourages contact with their animals.)

There’s a story about a lady who was raising two lion cubs in her home.

When they became too large for her to look after, they were given a home in the Malena Zoo in Slovakia.

(It remains unclear whether this was with her consent, or by compulsion.)

In footage that is said to be seven years later, she went to visit those lions in their home at the zoo. Here is the footage:

Notice how the react as she approaches. They seem thrilled!

Plenty of ‘hugs’…

And nuzzling…

The message that was connected to the video was suitably heartwarming:

The lions came running towards a gate when they spotted the woman who had helped them when they were tiny.

They can be seen leaping, standing on their hind legs and putting their front paws around her neck as if giving her a great big hug.

She hugs them back as the large animals act like domestic pets and try to rub themselves all over her before licking her face.

Those who you care for will remember your kindness. This may apply to humans and animals you help along the way. But sometimes, these things are more memorable when it happens with animals. Like in the case of a woman from Switzerland and two lions!
This woman took care of two small lion cubs before. But naturally, while they were getting older it was difficult to maintain them. So the government decided to put the two beautiful creatures in the zoo. After 7 years of not seeing them, the woman decided to drop by to the zoo.

Did anyone say where the lions came from in the first place?

No. But that would have been an interesting detail to round out the story.


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