Here’s What Happens When Crocs, Wildebeest & Hippos Collide!

There was a lot of fight in that Wildebeest. But with a croc's jaws around its leg, it was only a matter of time, and we all knew it. Except that it wasn't.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 30, 2017

There was a lot of fight in that Wildebeest. But with a croc’s jaws around its leg, it was only a matter of time, and we all knew it. Except that it wasn’t.

Full credit for the fight that wildebeest put up.

The croc’s jaws were latched around its leg, and it pulled hard with the other three… dragging the croc away from the water.

It almost looked like he had a shot at breaking free for a minute there.

The croc wore him down and made his way — little by little — back to the water.

…where a surprise was waiting for both of them.

The exhausted animal was close to succumbing to the water when suddenly two hippos appeared before approaching the scene cautiously.
They suddenly sprang on the crocodile forcing it to release its grip on the wildebeest – and crucially giving the creature a chance to escape.

Retiree Mervyn Van Wyk, 72 and his wife Tokkie were filming the encounter in Kruger Park, South Africa.

But while it might seem that the hippos were rescuing the wildebeest, it is far more likely that they were showing territorial behaviour.
It turns out that they were actually trying to attack the animal in a bid to get it out of their area of water.
Mervyn said: ‘We could not believe the rarity of this situation. I have never seen a hippo coming to the aid of another animal, it was simply astonishing.
‘Remember in Kruger, never rush away and always be patient because these amazing sightings are everywhere to be seen”. -DailyMail

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