The Greenies Are Lying About Lion Hunting – Here’s The Brutal Truth

Setting the record straight on Lion Hunting is someone who has actually RUN some of Africa's foremost national parks.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 14, 2017

Setting the record straight on Lion Hunting is someone who has actually RUN some of Africa’s foremost national parks.

The author — Ron Thompson — begins my stating that he has never shot a lion ‘for sport’. He has, however, shot a number of nomads, man-eaters, or stock killers that had been thrown out of their pride.

He took issue with a scathing article condemning the practice of hunting lions. The article was by Simon Esply in ‘Africa Geographic’. The title of the article was ‘The BIG LIE about lion trophy hunting’. Ironically, it was filled with garbage arguments that Thomposon knocked down one by one.

Claim 1: It is ‘unsustainable’ to set lion quotas without particular data.

Answer: If you have a 1000-animal herd of domestic livestock, an experienced farmer could reasonably estimate how many head of livestock could be removed from that herd without diminishing the overall size and strength of that herd. (Say, 50) The same principle is true of lions. It would not be ‘unsustainable’ to remove animals from the domestic herd, nor from the overall lion population, if within reasonable limits.

Claim 2: It is wrong to have ‘trophy hunters’ to ‘execute’ problem animals.

Answer: An experienced hunter is more likely to seek out and find the actual problem animals, and put them down cleanly and with minimal problem. Realistically, the rogue problem animals that are killed are seldom of ‘trophy animal’ caliber.

Claims 3&4 (related): Blames hunters for changes in lion population in Namibia and Tanzania, and calls for conservation strategies.

Answer: This ignores the real problems with lion population, example: Explosive population growth of the people in those areas.

Claim 5: Cecil The Lion

Answer: Seriously?

Claim 6: Explicitly denounces various benefits from well-managed, limited practice of hunting.

Answer: His animal-rights activism has blinded his judgment.

(Read the original article in its entirety, here)

Simon needs to give this a listen: (You’ll like it too. Just press play)

Real men are naturally hard-wired to be hunters. True men are providers, protectors, hunters and heroes. To stymie this is to effectively neuter a dude and keep him from what God made him to be; and diminish him to the realm of the effeminate.

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And he REALLY needs to read this (it’ll set him straight):

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