FYI! When Hunting Bear Make SURE It’s Dead Before Approaching It!

There are lessons in life you do NOT want to learn the hard way. This one ranks high on that list.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 20, 2017

There are lessons in life you do NOT want to learn the hard way.
This one ranks high on that list.

Where to begin?

With the bear sitting high in that tree, pretty motionless, there was a chance for a nice, clean shot to drop the bear.

That would have been a best-case scenario for all involved.

(For an example of what that is SUPPOSED to look like, see:
Epic Brown Hunt With .375H&H Magnum – One and Done!)

That is NOT how it played out.

Lesson one, do not neglect time at the range.

The bear dropped from the top of the tree, a long way down.

And some poor sap saw it drop and went running right up after it.

Lesson two, do NOT assume the fall will kill the bear… even if it’s a long drop.

Judging by his screaming and running away, the guy who was walking up to the bear was unprepared to meet a live bear. Possibly even unarmed. That was not smart.

The bear, obviously, was pissed. Worse, he was still a very much a real threat.

Lesson three, Do not approach a bear that ‘might’ be dead unless you are prepared for the possibility that he isn’t.

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