Dangerous Game: Hippo Gets A Hold Of 75yr. Old Woman And It’s Nightmarish

When you're around big game, you must NEVER assume you are truly safe.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 11, 2017

When you’re around big game, you must NEVER assume you are truly safe.

A 75-year-old grandmother from Michigan on an African Safari had a tragic ending to her family trip.

She was an entrepreneur. She recruited doctors for a hospital, and she was a philanthropist.

Nobody — NOBODY — would have predicted the grisly fate that awaited her. It’s sad, really.

Carol Sue Kirken, of the suburban Detroit town of Rochester Hills, Michigan, died on Saturday while on a family vacation in Tanzania.
The circumstances surrounding her death are unclear, but her obituary states she ‘died quickly in the arms of her son Robert.’
Her final post on Facebook said that they’d seen a mass migration of hippos and bull elephants on the same day she died, Fox 2 Detroit reported. –DailyMail

The report continued to say that they were watching hippos when the attack occurred.


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