Bros Hooked Massive Grouper In Canoe – Lets Say, It Was The Best Of Times & Worst Of Times

Q: What happens when you catch a fish that's nearly as big as your boat? A: You'd better have a 'Plan B'.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 10, 2017

Q: What happens when you catch a fish that’s nearly as big as your boat?
A: You’d better have a ‘Plan B’.

How awesome that he would catch a fish this big!

How unfortunate that they were in that little bucket when they did.

Where do you even START in scoring this one?

Yes, that's a zebra running through the backyard

OH HEYYY! Why yes, this is a zebra running through the backyard in Wimauma! "How many times do you go out in your backyard and see a zebra?" Mark Ross laughed. #BecauseFlorida πŸ˜‚ STORY: Mark Ross

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Friday, May 5, 2017

His documented one that DIDN’T get away story is better than a lot of the bogus ‘got away’ stories.

Do you call it a draw?

Did the fisherman win?

Maybe the Grouper and the guy with a rod both got points on the board, and the hapless buddy left in the drink watching the paddle drift away is the one who really lost.

How are you scoring it?

In the orginal news piece, it gives their names:

Captain Ben Chancey and Fisherman Captain Jon Black were fishing in a canoe off of Stuart, Florida when a Goliath Grouper capsized their small boat.

The two were able to swim over to a rescue boat, where they reeled the huge fish in.

And before you ask, it was released.

Which means it’s probably still out there.

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