Bro Takes Ram With A Blow Gun While Submerged In Water

What's the wildest trick you've used to hide from prey while hunting?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 30, 2017

What’s the wildest trick you’ve used to hide from prey while hunting?

His first attempt at shooting from behind a tree was ruined when they were spooked. So he got creative.

Tim Wells hid in the drink for 7 hours. With a blowgun.

Fortunately, he got it on film.

He really wasn’t sure what he’d encounter. I might even kill a bird, or doves or who knows…?

Who knows, indeed.

What he did get was WAY better that that.

He was up to his chin in a water tank in a horse pasture and waited for the animals to come to him.

He was NOT going to be disappointed.

Good thing, too. Because the water he had to wait in was pretty nasty.

A herd of rams comes right up to him. Almost too quickly.

Because if you’re going to use a dart, you have to hit him broadside.

They were a little skittish of him at first… and Tim thought it was because the camera may have resembled a snake.

They clearly wanted the water but hesitated.

They were close enough that Tim didn’t dare move the blowgun. He had to hope they came in front of him.

He nailed the monster one.

Seven hours in a watertank in a horse pasture?

Admit it… your bucket list just got a little longer.

If it didn’t, you need this book.

Yep. Sure beats sitting on an Xbox.

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