Bro Goes Medieval On Coyote Threatening His Family

When something is a threat to your family, it's a no-brainer. Take out the threat.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 21, 2017

When something is a threat to your family, it’s a no-brainer.
Take out the threat.

This guy takes that responsibility seriously.

Have a look at just how fast this guy takes action.

Coyote rolls up in his yard?

He won’t get a chance to do it twice.

Coyotes are a general menace.

When they come sniffing around a home, they’re a threat to animals and children.

There’s no ‘shelter in place’ mentality with this guy.

On his feet in a hurry, the predator quickly became prey.

Shot him at a distance — wounding him — and kept giving chase.

As he got close, the homeowner switched weapons.

And then he finished him off.

Defending the family, and defending the home…

That used to be as American as apple pie.

What happened? We’ve let culture erode what it meant to be and live as a man.

This book was written to fix that. Check it out.


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