Alaskan Kid Brutalized Online By Tree-Humpers For Killing Whale To Feed His Family

Just once, it would be nice if they got the facts before they cranked up the outrage machine, wouldn't it?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 21, 2017

Just once, it would be nice if they got the facts before they cranked up the outrage machine, wouldn’t it?

Imagine the headlines if some kid landed a great business deal, and instead of spending the earnings on himself, he decided to feed his entire community.

There would be parades in his honor, right? Especially if he was a young guy, say, sixteen years old?

He might even get an invitation to the White House or at least the Governor’s mansion for formal recognition.

So why the outrage when he does the same thing but skips the middle man?

If instead of creating a product, selling it, and using that cash to buy groceries, what if he uses his skill and ingenuity to provide the food itself.

Say… by hunting a whale?

Yes… a whale. That’s pretty badass for a sixteen-year-old kid, right?

Does this really look like the face of a societal menace to you?

He looks almost cherubic.

But that little cherub brought home several tons of meat. To an impoverished community that seriously struggles to afford groceries.

(Whatever happened to activists’ love for the poor? Is that not a thing anymore?)

When 16-year-old Chris Apassingok harpooned a 57-foot bowhead whale back in April to help feed his village, he was roundly praised and hailed as a “provider” and, now, a man, for succeeding in this rite of passage. It was a proud and glorious moment for the young Alaskan native.

Then, unfortunately, the animal rights crowd got wind of Apassingok’s achievement and made his life a living hell.

These ignorant activists bombarded Chris on social media with hate mail, condemnations, abuse and even death threats to the point that it deeply affected the young man. — WideOpenSpaces

Mom says he’s ‘not the same anymore’.

All because self-righteous blowhards that can afford to buy their organic arugula from boutique grocery stores have to prove to the world that they ‘care’ about the environment.

Bowheads are NOT endangered. This community actually hunts whales for FOOD. The community itself relies on this to keep from starving.

And, what’s more…

These First-World-privileged morons are demanding that someone they have never met conform to a culture they do not — and could not — live in.

This was a right of manhood. He is a PROVIDER now. (At least some cultures still see that connection, instead of living rent-free in mom’s basement eating Cheetos until your 36th birthday.)

Chris is both a better man and better citizen than many of the people threatening him.

Apassingok lives in the small Siberian Yupik village of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island on the northwest edge of Alaska. The village of 700 sends out 30 crews into the sea to search for bowhead whales each year, hoping to find and harvest a few of the massive animals to help feed the entire village.

Chris did just that. He spotted and successfully harpooned a whale, and he did it at a much younger age than most native hunters. He became a provider for his village. — WideOpenSpaces

But the trolls came out on social media when Paul Watson from ‘Sea Shephard’ decided to whip up his followers against Chris and his hunt.

“WTF, You 16-Year Old Murdering Little Bastard! … some 16-year old kid is a frigging ‘hero’ for snuffing out the life of this unique self aware, intelligent, social, sentient being, but hey, it’s okay because murdering whales is a part of his culture, part of his tradition. … I don’t give a damn for the bullshit politically correct attitude that certain groups of people have a ‘right’ to murder a whale.”


The activist took it down but refuses to apologize.

Predictably, others piled on. The kid has since received death threats, texts even. People wishing death on his whole village. People telling him he should harpoon his mom.

People who have never once tilled the soil, nor harvested an animal are whipping up outrage at a sixteen-year-old boy who is doing right not just by his own family… but his whole village, too.

He is helping them put food on their table, with groceries ridiculously expensive to transport to his village.

What good have these keyboard warriors ever done for another person? What have they sacrificed? What have they provided for anyone but themselves?

Likely nothing. No wonder they have to find their worth in destroying someone better than themselves.

The kid — at sixteen — knows more about what it is to be a man — truly a man — than self-righteous keyboard activists twice his age.

For all this, look at his mom’s response. If this is a window into how he was raised, now wonder he turned out ok.

To Chris, Susan and all the rest of your fine village…

Hold your heads up high. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Let the haters hate, but you need never apologize for being who you are.

If our nation had another 10,000 like you, we’d all be the richer for it.

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