VIRAL VIDEO: This Polar Bear vs Walrus Brawl Will Never Be Depicted In A Disney Movie

You'd think it would be easy pickings, right? After all, it's a polar bear. Not so fast.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on July 11, 2017

You’d think it would be easy pickings, right? After all, it’s a polar bear.

Not so fast. It turns out there’s more to it that that.

The Walrus isn’t quite so easy to push around… even for a Polar bear.

The pups? Sure THEY are ripe for the picking. But the adults are another story.

For one thing, the polar bear can’t get through their tough hides.

Plus they have those tusks to make the job that much tougher.

On the other side of the ledger, the bear is motivated. He has gone a long time without a meal.

Will he be able to find his way past the adults that are defending the pups? Or will they get away?


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