Dear Barbecuers: Here’s The 5 Worst People At Every BBQ

Have you met any of these people at a BBQ? Worse yet, are YOU one of these people?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on July 30, 2017

Have you met any of these people at a BBQ? Worse yet, are YOU one of these people?

The sun’s out, the days are hot, and people are making use of the hot weather to make use of their backyards for a little entertaining.

That’s when you can really see a side of people you might not have seen before. Here’s a quick list of five people you DON’T want to be at a BBQ.

1) The Overachieving Host – It’s that too-wide Colgate smile, the hovering, hanging on your every need, ‘can I get that for you’ please-appreciate-all-that-I’m-doing-for you host.

Seriously – take a pill. Slow down and enjoy the party. You’re trying too hard.

2) Speaking of trying too hard, we’ve got Mr. Business who shows up with his business cards, his elevator pitch and free samples of whatever MLM scheme he’s running with THIS time. Dude, we didn’t go to a BBQ to buy insurance or fair-trade organically-sourced skin cream. Thanks anyway.

3) That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at all. Mr. Dad Bod whose pasty skin reflects the sun better than a disco ball should not pick YOUR BBQ to work on his first tan of the summer. Dude, what’s the point of a BBQ if you are killing everyone’s appetite. Seriously, lay off.

4) Ms. Calorie Counter isn’t much better. She’s the one who hasn’t quite lost ‘those last 10 pounds’ in her diet. She’ll pick her way through the food, announcing just how many calories are in each dish, and how she ‘really shouldn’t be eating this’ before filling her plate the third time. (She sometimes shows up with that friend who’s new diet only lets her eat celery and water. So she sits awkwardly watching everyone else enjoy their food.)

5) And Rude Food Dude brings all his worst table habits. Wipes his greasy hands on his shirt, you can hear him chewing from across the room. You can see the food flopping around in his mouth as he tells whatever story he’s been telling. Really — hyenas on the Serengeti would blush to see him eat.

Do you see yourself on this list anywhere? Do your guests a favor. Change.

Know someone who would enjoy this list (or see themselves in it?) then pass it on.


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