YUM! Finally … Here’s HOW to Grill Salmon To PERFECTION

What's the point of that perfect salmon if you trash it on the grill?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 15, 2017

What’s the point of that perfect salmon if you trash it on the grill?

Cooking salmon doesn’t have to be hard.

Even if you’re completely lost behind the grill, you can look like a Champ, not a chump with this never-fail life hack. (You can thank us later.)

By accident I have discovered the secret to perfectly grilled salmon, every time, quick and simple.

Step 1: wet cedar planks with tap water.

Step 2: Put cedar planks on grill and fish on planks.

Step 3: turn BBQ on, close lid and leave on high.

Step 4: when BBQ reaches 450 turn it off (if the planks are on fire put them out with water, laugh wildly and pretend everything is under control).

Step 5: leave the lid closed while it cools, when temperature reaches 200 take fish off, serve and enjoy the praise of your guests.

The recipe originated in an Alaskan fishing lodge. If you’re looking for the backstory, read more here.


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