VIDEO: Watch This Black Bear Go Full BEAST MODE On Golf Course

Sir, I'm going to have to inspect that golf bag...

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 16, 2017

Sir, I’m going to have to inspect that golf bag…

You take a trip to Alaska, take advantage of the ridiculously-long daylight, grab your golf bag and hit the links.

Pretty routine, right?

What could POSSIBLY happen?

A black bear crashes the party: ‘Mind If I Play Through‘?


He played with the flag. Then he went for the golf bag.

(Which apparently had “an orange in there”.)

They did all the things they’re supposed to do. Make noise and scare it off.

He eventually left. But they got a good story out of the exchange.

Maybe he’ll luck out and find himself some pic-a-nic baskets.


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