Dear Hunters: The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Just Got Delisted!

Good news! Big announcement from Safari Club International!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 24, 2017

Good news!

Big announcement from Safari Club International!

Grizzlies are being removed from the federal threatened species list.

…means that management of this recovered population of bears will finally return to the state agencies who have worked diligently with stakeholders to conserve the population. The GYE population consists of portions of northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho. Biologists estimate that approximately 700 bears now live in that area.

After a protracted legal battle to have them removed, going back to when they were first added in 1978, they have finally prevailed.

But the battle isn’t over yet. Expect a pushback from the anti-hunting crowd.

The Service will publish a final delist rule in the next few days and the delisting will go into effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register. Despite decades of recovery efforts, extensive scientific research, and demonstrated recovery, the battle over GYE grizzlies is far from over. At least one anti-hunting group has already stated that they will sue to reverse the delisting. If that happens, SCI is very likely to join that litigation and once again defend the delisting and sustainable use management of the bear.

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