DANG! Seal v. Octopus Fight Is Probably The Coolest Thing Online Now

The kayakers had ringside seats for this one. And they filmed it.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on June 22, 2017

The kayakers had ringside seats for this one. And they filmed it.

And you get to watch their battle.

Here’s the story behind the footage:

…’This octopus had no chance really. Seals love eating them and will eat up to 7kg of octopus a day, around here it is a staple part of their diet.
‘We always promise kayakers they will see seals, but every day is different. Everyone was interested and no one got hit by any flying bits of octopus.
‘You never get sick of going out on the water here – every day is always different and there is always something to see. I was pretty stoked to get these photos.’

…’It was a real showstopper. Nature is a great show – people say it is like watching a David Attenborough documentary, they love it. It is pretty cool to watch.
‘Normally the tussles go on for 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes even 20 minutes. Sometimes people are having to duck because pieces of octopus were flying through the air.

…’The seals latch themselves on to the octopus and then they throw it around a bit like a dog and use its own bodyweight to rip it apart.
‘Sometimes you see the octopus trying to fight back by squirting ink but that does not have any effect on the seal. Read More


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