WTF? Cyclops Goat Born With One Giant Eye Looks Satan’s Chihuahua

Straight from Dante's unpublished fever-dream... it's cyclops goat!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 23, 2017

Straight from Dante’s unpublished fever-dream… it’s cyclops goat!

It’s missing an ear, got no nose, the jaw is malformed, it only has one eye.

If it were born anywhere else, it would be sidebar story in some scientific journal. But it was born in India. So naturally…

Cyclops Goat Born With One Giant Eye Looks Like The Dog Of Your Nightmares

News reports tell us that crowds are flocking to ‘worship’ it.

Have they even SEEN this monstrosity?

It couldn’t even get it’s OWN body right! What could it possibly do for anyone else?

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