WATCH: Dude With Bow & Arrows Get BUM RUSHED By PO’ed Black Bear

And that's how quickly the hunter can become the hunted.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 31, 2017

And that’s how quickly the hunter can become the hunted.

Do you think he’ll bring a gun next time?

Richard Wesley, from Hearst, Ontario, was hunting in Fire River when he spotted a large bear about 100 feet away.

Wesley’s video, which he uploaded on Monday, starts by showing the bear meandering around and seemingly unaware he was nearby.

But as the bear begins walking towards where he is, Wesley – who is holding a bow – attempts to scare the animal off by standing up and making a loud noise.

He then starts backpedaling while continuing to shout, but the bear is undeterred and charges straight for Wesley. –Read More

It charged him. The camera drops but keeps rolling.

There’s a short scuffle…

And then the bear wanders off. To the immense relief of Richard Wesley.

If nothing else, he’s got one HELL of a story for the grandkids.


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