WATCH: Anti-Fox Hunting Nutjob Calls For This World Leader To Be KILLED!

Maybe there should be an IQ test before you're allowed to be an 'activist'.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 23, 2017

Maybe there should be an IQ test before you’re allowed to be an ‘activist’.

But then there’d be no left-wing ‘activists’.

This 25-year old anti-hunting douche really takes the cake.

He protested the killing of foxes in England by shouting that Prime Minister Theresa May should be killed.

Brilliant move, there, dufus.

And you wonder why hunters claim that these activists put animal lives over people’s lives.

Because they obviously do.

Genius over here also blew a hunting bugle during the protest.

A man protesting against fox hunting shouted “save our wildlife, kill May” as the Prime Minister arrived at an election campaign event.

The protester, who said his name was Connor, continued his protest in Wrexham as he was grabbed by officers and taken to a police van.

He said he was demonstrating against the Hunting Act, which the Conservatives have proposed repealing, as well as fracking, austerity, “the lot”.

And guess what else he said about May?

It starts with an ‘F’ and ends with an ‘ascist’.

“This is the fascist state that we are living in under Theresa May’s regime,” he shouted.

“I’ve not done nothing wrong.”
Read more: Sky News

Hey, we believe in Freedom of Speech, and this Connor bro is free to spout any kind of nonsense that he likes.

But calling for the murder of a sitting Prime Minister?

That’s an incitement to violence and is punishable under the law.

Good luck, in court, Connor.

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