[email protected] Gets Cheeky With A Rattlesnake – Gets Bitten Like A Dipstick

Bro, what part of 'rattlesnake' do you not get?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 24, 2017

Bro, what part of ‘rattlesnake’ do you not get?

Of course, this is a Florida man.

Why wouldn’t it be?

It seems all of those ‘Hold my beer’ stories come out of Florida.

A Putnam County man was trying to kiss a rattlesnake when it bit him on the tongue, neighbors told Action News Jax.

Ron Reinold was flown to the hospital by helicopter in critical condition after he was bit by the rattlesnake on Tuesday.

Family said Reinold is doing much better Wednesday and is expected to survive.

Glad he’s going to live through the experience, but…


And is it just me or are you also wondering how his tongue was the thing that was bitten?

That is a level of disturbing that I am completely unprepared to handle.

Bad enough that this guy was foolish enough to handle a wild animal, but to try to kiss one?

And a diamondback rattlesnake is the animal he’s ‘canoodling’ with?

It’s just bizarre.

Typical Florida News.

Don’t worry, there are some sensible folk in Florida, too.

They just don’t always make the news.

Charles Goff said he found the rattlesnake on Monday night. He said he knows how to handle snakes and put it in a tank.

He said his neighbors should not have been playing with the snake when Reinold was bit.

“The next morning before I got up, they were playing with the snake,” Goff said. “One boy said, ‘I’m going to kiss it in the mouth,’ and the snake bit him in the face.”

Goff said Reinold and another man were being irresponsible by playing with the snake.

“Ron was just acting silly, you know?” he said. “I guess he said he could kiss the devil and get away with it, but evidently he didn’t.”
Action News Jax

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