This Blue Marlin Has Some SICK Tattoos!

WTF? Squids have ink... but Marlin? That's new.

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on May 30, 2017

WTF? Squids have ink… but Marlin? That’s new.

It’s the kind of photo the Internet conspiracists LOVE. Where did that pattern come from?

After they took the photo and put it online, everyone had their own ideas where it came from. They had some fun with it and came up with some wild theories.

There was the boring, mundane stuff like plastic debris, all the way over to aliens and Fish Prison. (Full points for creativity!)

What was it really? Pretty simple, really.

Here’s a clue:

But what really “inked” this open-ocean sea creature? Amid the hullaballoo and conspiracy theories, people forgot to ask the fisherman himself what happened. Zosimo Tano reeled in the 52-pound fish, then covered the fish with his shirt. What did his shirt have on it? You guessed it, a coat-of-arms and leaf pattern on it. — Read More

Here’s the ‘inked’ marlin:

And here’s a closer shot:

Sometimes the mystery is no mystery at all.


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