Wussification Of Globe Continues As Woman Complains To Zoo About THIS

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 23, 2016


Birds do it…

Bees do it…

She don’t want her kids to see it!

Wussification Of Globe Continues As Woman Complains To Zoo About THIS

Mumsnet has long been an unlikely source of humour and the parenting website may well have just excelled itself with a thread on masturbating monkeys.

When one shocked mother posted about how she’d been affronted by the sight of animals getting, ahem, saucy, in front of her young children on a trip to the zoo, she quickly prompted a flurry of similar stories.

Tales of humping tortoises, breast-feeding lemurs and a monkey urinating while swinging followed along with plenty of comments suggesting we shouldn’t worry about animals ‘doing what they do on the Discovery Channel’.

The original post by Miss Hoolies Cardigan talked about her son’s visit to the zoo, saying: ‘It’s taken me years to get it into his head that he only plays with his willy in private.

‘About half the male primates were rubbing their d***s on tree branches and one was standing right up against the glass having a good old tug.

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