These Are Some Of The Weirdest Hotels On Earth!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 2, 2016


Looking for something a little more extreme in your lodging?

Then check out these crazy hotels!

These Are Some Of The Weirdest Hotels On Earth!

For many holidaymakers, there is nothing more important than a room with a spectacular view.

It could be a plush suite in a skyscraper hotel, a treehouse in the middle of nowhere or even a room beneath the surface of the sea. 

In an age where tourists are on the hunt for snaps that are worthy of Instagram or Facebook, the more unique it is, the better.

These jaw-dropping destinations have been named the most unusual places to stay by London-based travel agency Exsus.

They include Africa’s first underwater hotel room – 13ft below the surface of the Indian Ocean, north of Zanzibar – where guests can admire marine life from the comfort of their bed.

For adrenaline junkies, only the Natura Viva Skylodge Adventure Suite will do. Guests must climb a 400ft cliff face to reach the suite, which is on the side of one of Peru’s highest peaks.

These Are Some Of The Weirdest Hotels On Earth!
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