Rowdy and Rebellious Regis Giles

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 1, 2016


Way to go Regis!

At the young age of 18, Regis Giles decided that she had enough of seeing headlines about women who were abducted, raped and murdered so she began to motivate women to take the initiative and learn to defend themselves. She started Girls Just Wanna Have Guns and the website quickly exploded. Although the website received a warm welcome, as Giles began to post articles and YouTube videos, she experienced the dark side of the anti-gun movement. She received numerous threats in response to her support for guns, but she continued preaching her message saying that the comments just proved “that we do need to protect ourselves because there are nut jobs out there like you out there that could cause me harm.”


As her organization gained more recognition, Giles began to be a louder voice in Second Amendment rights, and was interviewed by major news outlets. She experienced first-hand the media’s depth of attachment to their anti-gun narrative and the lengths they will go to push it. She mused that “I think overall with the media, they are shocked when they see me, being a young female who wants to learn to shoot.” Although surprise is easy to deal with, Giles is often met with resistance by the media, even to the extent of silencing her.

After the Orlando shootings, she was being interviewed by BBC with two other pro-gun control activists who made false claims about gun owners. Having the facts to dispute their claims, Giles attempted to speak but “my mic was silenced and I was livid… they wouldn’t let me talk or make a statement and then my interview was over at that point.”

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