Only In Obama’s America!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 19, 2016


This is insane…

But par for the course in Obama Land!

Only In Obama's America!

A Florida man was arrested on Tuesday for shooting an alligator that was threatening his horses and attacked his stepson.

Reginald Blanton of Bushnell, Florida noticed his horses were startled by something in one of his fields. He grabbed his gun and went to investigate. What he found was a nearly ten-foot-long alligator.

Since the gator was mere feet from his horses, Blanton said he feared they might be attacked. That’s why he pulled out his 9mm pistol and shot at the gator.

“I shot at him four times, and they said I hit him three,” he told NBC affiliate WFLA.

Blanton and his stepson Jack Hildreth thought the animal was dead and Hildreth began to approach it. The gator was not dead, however, and attacked Hildreth once he got within eight feet of the animal.

“Whenever he raised up after my stepson, it looked like he was shot out of a cannon,” Blanton told the news station. “I had never seen nothing like it.”

“It was a burst of lighting like,” Hildreth said. “It was just a surprise.”

The gator grabbed hold of Hildreth’s, leg but with the aid of a friend, he was eventually able to escape his grip. The bite left a severe wound on Hildreth, however, and he had to be treated at a nearby Ocala hospital.

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