These “Modern Day” Hunters Are TRUE OUTDOOR BEASTS!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 10, 2016


Could you hunt like this?

LIVE like this?

These "Modern Day" Hunters Are TRUE OUTDOOR BEASTS!

Wearing elaborate tribal clothing and decorations, this is the Indonesia’s rarely seen Dani tribe celebrating the 27th Baliem Valley Cultural Festival.

Every August the Dani wage mock battles with neighbouring tribes – the Lani and Yali peoples – to celebrate the fertility and welfare of the Papua province as well as upholding ancient traditions.

The men can be seen sporting distinctive tribal attire, including face paint, feathers, animal bones and intricate penis sheaths named Koteka. The women wear skirts made from woven orchid fibres decorated with straw and woven bags, worn from the head, named ‘noken’.

These "Modern Day" Hunters Are TRUE OUTDOOR BEASTS!

Other images show the tribe playing with an ancient instrument named a pikon, which along Papuan singing and chanting forms the soundtrack to the battle.

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