The Horror! Libs Cry Foul At Bear Being Killed With A Spear

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 16, 2016


Hunters have been using spears for thousands of years but now the Libs are crying n’ wetting their pants over this one!

A BLOODTHIRSTY former javelin thrower has been slammed by animal rights campaigners after filming himself killing a huge black bear with a SPEAR.

Filmed in Alberta, Canada, the disturbing video shows sick hunter Josh Bowmar slaughtering the wild animal with a homemade weapon – causing the beast to suffer a slow and painful death.

Bodybuilder Bowmar, 26, who was an All-American javelin thrower at university, is filmed stabbing the bear with a 7ft spear which was fitted with a GoPro camera.

The gruesome clip also features the hunter, from Columbus, Ohio, lifting up the animal’s corpse while its intestines pour out of its stomach.

The fitness fanatic, who uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, is filmed cheering with joy, proclaiming: “I just did something I don’t think anybody in the world has ever done.”

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