Croc Has A Taste For OTHER CROCS!

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on August 2, 2016


Yet another reason never to go in the water!

Croc Has A Taste For OTHER CROCS!

A cannibalistic crocodile has been pictured devouring a fellow massive reptile in a Northern Territory waterhole.

The four-metre long saltwater crocodile was captured on camera by Jason Tolhurst on July 24, while out with his five-year-old son Joshua and friend Karl Jakel.

Mr Tolhurst said the croc didn’t seem to mind the boat hanging around, and continued to chow down on his scaly snack as the group watched.

‘It was hard to tell but the other croc would have been about three metres. He’d either been shot or been in a fight,’ he told NT News.

Croc Has A Taste For OTHER CROCS!
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