Just How Big Is This Australian Croc?

Written by Outdoor Beasts Staff on July 11, 2016


This thing is MASSIVE!

But just how massive?!

A massive five-metre crocodile has been sighted in the waters of a popular fishing spot.

Orhan Yilmaz, 30, photographed the reptile as it was swimming in the mangroves in Shady Camp, a spot regularly frequented by anglers in the Northern Territory’s Mary River National Park.

The images have emerged just months after a man drowned in a Northern Territory river after a crocodile flipped his boat.

Just How Big Is This Australian Croc?

Mr Yilmaz, a regular Top End fisherman, said he has seen the large crocodile a number of times while fishing in the area.

‘I’ve seen bigger ones down in East Alligator but that’s the biggest one I’ve seen down at Shady Camp,’ he told NT News.

Just How Big Is This Australian Croc?

He added that he believes the crocodile is one of two in the area. The size of the second is unknown but it has reportedly been spotted at a nearby boat ramp.

Earlier this year a man drowned in a river north-west of Shady Camp after a crocodile flipped his boat.

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